A downloadable game for Windows

To start click on an NPC to mind control.

This is the character you play as, so pick carefully!

W, A, S and D MOVE your mindcontrolled character.

The ARROW KEYS shoot in the corresponding direction.

When you die or clear the room the score presented

depends on the amount of bullets you used and how

many enemies you leave remaining.

See the hi-scores at: http://gmscoreboard.com/mindcontrol

Made by NylePudding: https://twitter.com/NylePudding

Music: Lorn - Suicide Note

Made for the #3HGJ on 13/04/2014

Published Apr 13, 2014
AuthorLlewelyn 'NylePudding' Griffiths
GenreShooter, Action

Install instructions

Run the executeable file and you should be away!


MINDCONTROL_3HGJ_NylePudding.rar 3 MB