A downloadable game

Made by @NylePudding

A game about setting fire to bears and the environment for the interest of science!

----Latest Additions----

*Nutritional bushes have been added to the game. These are dark green squares that bears consume for food when they are hungry.
*Bears now panic for a random amount of time when they catch fire. Afterwards they find a water source.
*Game map changed.
*Bear action per second has been increased.

---- How to Play ----
Click on the environment to set fire to it, you can only set fire to one thing so choose wisely. If bears find themselves on fire they will get to the nearest water source to extinguish themselves, use this to your advantage!

Your score is determined from the amount of bears that burn to death and how much overall damage you cause.

Also remember that the dry yellow grass naturally spreads fire very quickly.

Once the fire has gone out, press space to see your score.

--- Known Issues/Bugs ----

*Bear AI is far too predictable.
*Fires go out for no reason. (Before they turn to ash)

---- Future Additions ----

*More simulation aspects, such as grass being able to grow.
*Bears have needs such as eating and drinking so they have a reason to move around the level.
*Bears run away from fire. (But not too fast)
*Food sources for the bears, in the form of bushes and other animals.
*Player controlled character that can get killed by bears. This could add some interesting stealth elements.
*In-game tutorial
*Bear and Fire sound-effects.
*Different graphics?
*Level editor (As suggested by "aMity.fanclub.offlebaggins")


Please submit bugs and feedback!


BearsLikeFire_V_0_1_5.exe 13 MB